Case Studies: Read Me First

The links in this menu will take you to the individual case studies that record what assessments were tackled in the project, why and how things went. The general structure of the case studies uses the the CIT-eA assessment redesign template to provide information in a concise and consistent manner. There is a short audio interview with the lecturer if available

The case studies on this web site are intended to complement the toolkit and give a real flavour of what it is like to implement e-assessment in an authentic FE college context.

Our approach to creating the case studies

  • Keeping things short and clear – but with enough detail to be useful
  • Not getting bogged down in too much local detail – so the main points and lessons are clear to ‘outsiders’
  • Avoiding the use of technical and specialist educational terminology – which can be off putting to those who do not routinely use it.

To do this we have used a number of methods.

1 – We have used a simple template to capture essential information about:

  • Existing assessments
  • Reasons for changing the assessments
  • Ideas for the redesign of the assessments

This helps to keep things brief and provides a consistent way of presenting the information. This template idea is taken from the emerging research field of ‘learning design patterns’.

2 – We provide the relevant short essential extracts from the official SQA unit documentation to provide a baseline for the proposed e-assessment designs:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Evidence requirements

All the case studies are based on SQA Higher National qualifications, which provide publicly available detailed documentation (known as unit specifications). These documents provide a broad range of orientation and guidance about the subjects being taught as well as details about the learning outcomes broken down into knowledge and / or skills as well as the kind of evidence needed to show that the learner has attained the required level.

4 – Audio interview at the end of the project

What the case studies reveal – key lessons

Your an find a summary at the  Is This Right for You? (Read Me First) part of this web site

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