VR Assessment Project #2

Thanks to everyone who attended our first project demonstration meeting. We had a good turn out with a few cancellations – it was a wet Monday Morning in Glasgow after all! We gave a short overview to the project and the approach that the College is taking – a kind of action research mini project. You can find out more in this short slide deck. The demo was quite impressive for an early doors peek at what eCom Scotland are developing. We will keep people updated via a mailing list as we go forwards and update the VR project blog. We shall also be joining the ALT VR/AR SIG and contribute to their discussions. We will try and arrange another demo in the new year.

There were a number of questions and observations that popped up in a lively discussion here is a brief listing:

  • Move away from turnkey systems is good
  • Ability to edit output at code level without authoring tool good
  • Ability to use own content – v good
  • Content needs to be used at standard workstations – headsets and full immersion are probably edge cases (?) in mainstream HE/FE
  • Cost is critical – to be determined
  • XAPI (Tin Can) and Learning Record Store not being used much and probably not that useful – VLE gradebook will do for most users
  • Ability for users to capture images / content in the environment and export to create reports would be good
  • having instructions read out to users (text to speech) would be a good option
  • Using speech recognition for users to select and enter answers would be great
  • Using for assessment – will need user management procedures
  • Health and safety issues
  • Implication for IT infrastructure
  • Accessibility and alternative arrangements need to be looked at – if the authoring system could output assessments in different format would be ideal (e.g. VR and print)
  • The College is looking for suitable SQA units to test the toolkit with
  • Assessments need to be cleared with the SQA (EV) – a systems thing