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City of Glasgow College (CoGC), as part of the Colleges’ e-Assessment Group (CEAG), including the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), the College Development Network (CDN), Education Scotland, the Student Participation in Quality Scotland (sparqs), and Jisc RSC, proposes to evaluate and address the barriers to adoption of e-assessment, and, incorporating the needs of key stakeholders, create a process, or series of processes, to enable improved uptake of existing e-assessment options as well as drive future development.

The primary output will be a replicable, scalable, sustainable, framework for e-assessment implementation in education. This process will enable institutions to identify and overcome barriers now and in the future. As part of this process, a toolkit of resources will be developed, which will better enable the use of technology in the assessment process. This will enhance the learning and assessment experience, improve learner engagement, and promote greater efficiency through flexible and authentic assessment. 

University of Bristol: Literature review

Oldfield, A, Broadfoot, P., Sutherland, R. & Timmis , S. (2012) Assessment in a digital age: a research review.  

Discussion papers

Series authors

Patricia Broadfoot, Sue Timmis, Sarah Payton, Alison Oldfield, Rosamund Sutherland

Other publications

Patricia Broadfoot, Alison Oldfield, Rosamund Sutherland and Sue Timmis (in press, 2013) Seeds of Change: the potential of the digital revolution to promote enabling assessment in Wyatt-Smith, C and Klenowski, V (eds) The enabling power of assessment. Springer.

Conference contributions

Broadfoot, P (2012) Can Digital Technologies Transform Educational Assessment? Language Testing Forum.  Centre for Assessment and Evaluation Research Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol.16-18 November

Timmis, S, Oldfield, A, Broadfoot, P & Sutherland, R. (2012) Where is the cutting edge of research in e-Assessment? Exploring the landscape and potential for wider transformation.  In Whitelock, D., Warburton, W., Wills, G., and Gilbert, L. (Eds.), CAA 2012 International Conference, University of Southampton.

Timmis, S & Draper, S (2012) Assessment Reform, Innovative Technology, Improving Formative Assessment and Feedback: Are They at Odds with Each Other? e-Assessment Scotland Conference, University of Dundee, August 2012.

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